Photo Fair is Under New Ownership!

Dogpic40yrs2Graham Law and Rod Sager have officially taken over as show owner/promoters. The next show is the 40th anniversary of Photo Fair and former co-owner Ken Morton will be there to help with a smooth transition to new owners. Photo Fair will continue to be the premier camera show out west. The next show is February 21st. Mark your calendars! These two veteran show exhibitors intend to keep things nice and similar as they work to grow the show over the next few years. Be sure to follow this site to get the latest information on new shows, dates, and general photo news. The Photo Fair has a broad appeal to the young and old, the modern and vintage enthusiast, the photographer and collector alike. photofair-93 Dealers from all over the US and sometimes from abroad bring collectibles, vintage and brand new state of the art digital gear to buy, sell, and trade. This show is no flea market, the gear here is high quality and the dealers are a reputable group of regular exhibitors. Hundreds of people come to the show every time it is on and often these folks are delighted with excellent deals on top grade gear and collectibles. You will find rare items, classic memorabilia, books, instruction manuals, and modern gear.

Bring in your old gear and sell it. There are many dealers that offer top dollar for your classic or modern gear. You may find that your old gear is worth more than you think!

This new age of digital photography has done something that excites us at the Photo Fair very much. These new mirrorless bodies allow a new generation of photographers and us old timers too; to experience the old word charm and creamy bokeh of the vintage lenses with the convenience of modern digital technology. Come see two worlds coming together with style, expertise and great deals.

All of us at the Photo Fair look forward to seeing all of you at the next show in February.

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