Check out this new high speed 50mm lens!

Seawood Photo announced this new lens recently…

Dark Night Pro 50mm f/0.95 for Sony A7

Full-Frame Mitakon Lens 

NEW Speedmaster Zhongyi Mitakon Dark Night Pro Lens
pics3This super-bright lens is giving Leica a run for the money (literally!) by offering similar results to the Leitz Noctilux M f/0.95 for about $4000.00 less!

This lens is in Sony FE mount, so will mount directly to your Sony A7r, A7 or A7II without an adapter. This is a Full Frame lens.

picsI tested this lens in various lighting conditions (the black and white portrait was shot at .095 by kerosene lantern light) and found it to be quite good even wide open, and excellent at 1.4 and higher.

The bokeh is very smooth and is not “over swirly”. Construction is great; this is a solid lens!

Comes with custom case and lens shade for only $899.

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