Fun with the Fish-eye

Fish -eye lenses can be found at the next PhotoFair 🙂

'Couv' Camera

Over the years I have owned several fish-eye lenses. These lenses tend to create an abstract view by making no effort at all to correct for the ultra-wide angle distortion curve. Where an ultra-wide rectilinear lens had engineers go to great extent to correct this distortion, fish-eye lenses do the opposite. This need to correct distortion is one of the things that makes full frame lenses wider than 20mm either expensive or crappy.

Manufacturers use exotic glass and materials in these ultra-wides to correct the distortion and that leads to high prices. You really can’t get away with a cheap ultra-wide. But fish-eye lenses are a different animal altogether. These lenses do not require any exotic materials. It is possible to get decent results with a fish-eye lens that is modestly priced. The glass elements are still more expensive than standard lenses between 28mm-100mm full frame. Primarily the difference between…

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