Another Fun and Successful PhotoFair!

Thank you to all the guests and dealers that helped make this one of the best PhotoFair events in years. We had two excellent presentations by Bill Lemon and Yau-Man Chan and a full house packed with great photographic equipment and supplies. I bought a Voightlander Classic 40mm 1.4 Nokton for my EOS-M3 mirrorless body, from one of our dealers from LA. What did you get?

pets2282016-0332KEH, PhotoCamera, Inc, Allen Rong and Michi from Japan were buying up gear. We had Four lucky guests that won gift certificates and even a lucky dealer that won a free table at the May 21st show!

For the first time since Ken and Petra moved the show to Newark we had snack bar service. This helped keep the hunger at bay so people could spend more time enjoying the Photo Fair!

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