Portland Show is Shaping Up!

Looks like the 27th of August is a no go, but the Jackson Armory is the likely venue. It looks like August 13th is the day. Still tentative as I am working with the people at the Armory to formally secure the date. Show time will likely be 10AM to 3PM. This is a nostalgic location as Portland used to have a pretty big show at the Jackson Armory for many years. It’s been a decade or so since the last of those shows was held, but we are happy to bring that show back as a PhotoFair event. Get ready Portland! The Jackson Armory is larger than the Newark Pavilion and I would love to fill that hall. Many dealers up in the Puget Sound area have expressed interest and some of the California dealers are on board as well.

Bill Lemon has indicated he is interested in having one of his Glamour Demonstrations in Portland. This is really shaping up nicely. Stayed posted at this site for developing information on PhotoFair Portland!

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