Funding Campaign to offset Travel Expenses for Bill Lemon

PhotoFair has had such a positive response to Bill Lemon’s free live demonstrations at the Newark Show that we want to bring him North to Portland next month. Bill is based in the Bay Area so it has not been a heavy burden getting him dialed in at the Newark show, but he has equipment and an assistant that we need to get 650 miles North, lodging, etc. We are raising money to a max of $500 to pay direct expenses to bring Bill’s great event to the Rose City PhotoFair. All donors receive free admission to the show and all proceeds will be used to offset the direct travel related expenses associated with bringing Bill Lemon to Portland. The ‘gofundme‘ campaign is 10% of the way there already. Help bring this amazing live demo to the Rose City on August 13th. The Bill Lemon live Glamour Demo is free to all attendees at PhotoFair and again any donation will grant free general admission to the show.

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