Graham Has a Huge Haul of Collectible and User Gear

Seawood took in a large load of camera gear recently and is bringing the whole shebang to PhotoFair this Saturday! I understand he has a swing-lens medium format camera and crates full of amazing lenses that can be used on a variety of modern digital cameras or classic film cameras.

Don’t forget 10:30 am Jeff Martz will have his presentation on his Masters of Photography series and at noon, Bill Lemon will have a new twist on the glamour demo live on our stage!

George will have four tables full of discounted film, photo paper, and hard to find batteries!

Tim will have three tables full of every kind of filter you can imagine

KEH will be buying up your gear right on the spot. Make sure you bring a charged battery for any digital cameras you want to sell.

We have a full house full of buyers and sellers of cameras and photo gear, don’t miss the biggest PhotoFair in years!

1 thought on “Graham Has a Huge Haul of Collectible and User Gear

  1. Just want you to know that the lecture by photo historian Jeff Martz at the recent Photo Fair in Newark, Ca was outstanding. I hope you can get him again.


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