Two Weeks to go!

picture of dog
Maggie with 140/1.8 projector lens held in front of camera body

In two weeks it will be May 5th and that is show day! One of the many cool things you can do at a camera show is look at old and strange cameras and lenses. Sometimes you can take a lens from something like a projector and adapt it to use on a camera for a cool effect. I am working on adapting an old 140/1.8 projector lens to my Canon EOS 5D Mk III, in the mean time I took some photos through it by holding the lens in front of the body and snap! I like these! That projector lens was only $75 and I figure I’ll cobble together a mounting system for it with $30 in parts. It is way cooler than a the hundred bucks it will cost. I have always liked fiddling around with gear to make images that are unusual or have a cool look. The projector lens definitely has a cool look. The bokeh is creamy as one might expect from a 140mm lens at F/1.8!

picture of lens
140/1.8 Projection lens

I love wandering through the show looking at all the crazy stuff the dealers bring in. Whether you are looking for modern gear or classic vintage collectibles, take a  moment to nose around for something unusual or quirky. You probably won’t have to pay much especially if it is an obsolete item. Projector lenses are more or less obsolete these days.

Some of the mirrorless 4/3 and APS/c cameras can use 16mm projector lenses as taking lenses with a c-mount adapter available online. This can be cool and 16mm movie equipment for the most part is pretty cheap these days.

Maggie again, this time eyes open

I look forward to seeing you at the next show in Newark at the Pavilion. This is a last show in the Bay Area until November so don’t miss this chance! PhotoFair is your opportunity to check out modern high-end gear at great prices, hard to find rare collectibles, or some weird, previously rendered useless gear, you can give new life to through the art of repurposing. See you all in a pair of Saturdays.

abstract picture of BBQ
BBQ in the yard


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