Stop by and see our wonderful longtime vendors!

Be sure to say hello to the wonderful people that make PhotoFair the best show in the West! Talk to Ray Warren, Emanuelle, Michi, Tim Rice the Filter Guy, Lane Ho, Don and Mike, Al Flack, Joe Mori, Jim Beral. These great people bring excellent items from across the whole spectrum of photography and they have some amazing deals for you! Some of these vendors have been coming to these shows since the very beginning of PhotoFair, yep, since 1975! They have cool stuff and they can tell you all about it too.

We should have 60 plus tables fro all of you to see and each and every table has the potential for a treasure and a great price. Be sure to stop in and see it all, this Saturday, May 5th. Doors open at 10am. This is the last Bay Area PhotoFair until November, don’t miss out!

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