I love those old Zeiss Lenses!

PhotoFair is a great place to find amazing old school glass that can be easily adapted to many of our modern digital cameras. Of course you can always should them with film too! I shot this pic of my wife’s dog Maggie, recently with my Zeiss Biotar in Exakta mount. I have an adapter for both my EOS SLRs (digital and film) as well as my M5 mirorless. That 65 year old lens still delivers some charm and character. Portland is coming up in September, on the 29th at the Jackson Armory and the Fall PhotoFair in Newark at the Pavilion is November 10th.

Sometimes these old lenses are really inexpensive, sometimes not, but this Zeiss Biotar is a lens that can be found for under a $100 in mid-grade condition. I actually got mine from Pacific Rim Camera who will be at the next PhotoFair in Portland!

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