A Sonnet for my Sonnar

Zeiss is so nice….

'Couv' Camera

Several months back I bought a Zeiss 180/2.8 Sonnar in Y/C mount to use on my EOS SLRs and my M5. The lens is a bit on the chunky side and doesn’t have internal focus like its contemporary competitors, Nikon and Canon did. But it does have the magic, mystery, and quality of Carl Zeiss and that is nothing to scoff at.

You can find these Zeiss 180s for $300ish and they are well worth the cash. If you are patient you might find one online or at PhotoFair even less than that. I have heard of them selling under $200 every now and then. I think it is a fabulous lens. It is well made, and razor-sharp. I have heard some reports that suggest the Leica Elmarit 180/2.8 is better. That may be true, but you will not find one of those under $300 unless it is awful ugly…

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