PhotoClub PDX Photography Show!

from photoclubPDX website

We announced a while back the PCPDX would be having a Photography Exhibit at this year’s Portland show. The doors are open from 10-3 but the exhibit runs till 2pm. At least 10 photographers will exhibit work. Come by and check out all the great deals on cameras, darkroom supplies, film, lenses, modern and vintage, accessories and more and while your here, take a look at the amazing work of local Portland Photographers! #RosecityPhotoFair #PortlandCameraSwap September 29th, 10-3 at #JacksonArmory

photo by Angela Holm photoclubPDX

photoclubPDX has a broad variety of artistic styles represented among some 300 members. Photography clubs are a great way to meet people with shared interest and explore photography together with all the cool gadgets and gear you buy at PhotoFair 🙂

Visit photoclubPDX at their website

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