New Vendors this Saturday!

PhotoFair is delighted to have a few new vendors that have not been to our show before or at least not for a very long time. We are very pleased that Seattle’s Shot on Film store will have a table at the show. they specialize in film photography from cameras and gear to a large selection film. They offer mail order services for film and gear as well. Shot on Film will also join our extensive list of Camera Buyers. Bring your gear in and sell it for top dollar from pro buyers Like Emanuelle from PhotoCamera, Inc. Graham from Seawood Photo, and yes, Ken from Shot on Film all the way from Seattle!

Welcome to the many dealers coming up from LA this weekend. Bryan will bring his amazing selection of top tier pro gear, Steve brings his selection of collectible and user cameras, and we have some first timers coming as well,  Robert Kandell and Gerald Gonzales. Don’t miss the next show you will see some fresh new faces and new stuff from all over the Western US!

See you all on Saturday, May 18th doors open at 10am.

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