Bryan SoCal is Bringing the Deals!

Come see Bryan from SoCal he has a ton of awesome stuff with some sweet deals! Straight Ahead as you walk in along the back wall. Check out this list of juicy gear.

canon 24mm STM
canon 28-135mm is
canon 35/2.8 LTM
canon 430exii
canon 50mm 1.2L
canon 50mm 1.5 FL

canon 60d (45117)
canon efs 55-210
canon EOS to RF adapter
canon iiif
canon IIIf E.P
canon RF 24-105L RP
canon RP body
canon sx 40 hs
canon tamron SP 17-50 2.8 VC

fuji x-T10
fuji xe1 body blk
fuji xf 18-55
fuji xf 23/2 black
Fuji xf 27mm 2.8
Fuji xf Meike 6.5mm f2
fuji xt1 meatl grip
fujifilm xe-3 silver body

hasselblad 120mm T* CFI MAKRO
hasselblad 150/4 T*
Hasselblad 150mm F/2.8 F T* 200/2000 Series {86}
hasselblad 180 optical prsim

Hasselblad 2000 fc/m
hasselblad 553 elx blk

leica canon ltm 35/2
leica evf 2
leica finder 24
Leica LTM summitar 50/2
leica m batteries 2x
Leica M monochrome
Leica M3 SS
leica M8,9 P ME baseplate digital
leica M9
leica R body silver
leica r-e body black
Leica summicron 50mm DR
Leica voigtlander 40/1.4+hood
leica zeiss 35/2.8 c-biogon zm
Leica Zeiss 50/2 silver FM’ers
leica zeiss tessar 85/4 ZM
Leica Zeiss zm 50/1.5 sonnar

nikon 60mm 2.8D macro
nikon 70-200 vr 1
nikon 70-300 vr

nikon 85/1.8 ais
nikon ais 105/1.8
nikon d300s
nikon d300s grip
Nikon d7000 (21800)
Nikon DF silver
nikon MB-D17

nikon sb-600 speedlight

nikon sb-700
Nikon sigma art 24-35mm F2
nikon su-800 commander

olympus 40-150mm 2.8 Pro
olympus 45/1.8 silver
olympus 75/1.8
olympus Dji Leica 15/1.7
olympus em1 ii grip
olympus lumix 15/1.7
olympus lumix 25/1.7 asph
olympus lumix 42.5/1.2

olympus omd-em10 ii (488 clicks)
olympus tele-concverter 1.4x

sony 16-50

sony 18-55 oss silver
sony 18-55mm siver kit nex 5n
sony a6000

Sony A7 grip meike
sony A7rii grip
sony a7rii(946)
sony A7riii (12218)
sony a7s ii (891 clicks)
sony E 10-18mm oss
sony E 16/2.8 silver
sony E 18-200mm oss silver
sony E 85/1.8
sony fe 16-35mm zeiss

sony fe 85mm 1.8
sony fe conv 21mm
sony NEX 5n

sony nex 7 + case
sony nissin speedlight
sony rx-1 EVF
sony Tamron 28-75mm 2.8
sony zeiss fe 35mm 2.8
sony zeiss fe 55/1.8

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