Come see Bryan from SoCal this Saturday!

Bryan is bringing in some amazing merchandise including a great selection of quality modern gear and some great vintage stuff too. Take a look at his inventory! Get to the show early for best selection. Doors open at 10AM early bird admission at 9AM. Admission includes the amazing Travel Photography presentation by legendary Travel Photographer Robert Holmes! THIS Saturday, August 24th, Jackson Armory, PORTLAND.


canon 50/1.8 LTM
canon 17-35mm 2.8L

canon 35/1.4L
canon 35/2.8 LTM
canon 430exii
canon 50mm 1.2L
canon 50mm 1.5 FL
canon 540ez
canon 550ez
canon 580 ex ii plus fast sync and cable

canon 5d ii grip bg-e6,7
canon 5d2 (83588)
canon 60d (45117)
canon 60D (70000)
canon ef 100mm 2.8 Macro
canon ef 28-135mm IS
canon EF 70-300 4-5.6L
canon ef 75-300 IS
canon efs 55-210
canon eos elan ii e
canon eos elan7e
canon eos elan7e
canon iiif
canon IIIf E.P
canon milvus Makro 50/2
canon sigma art 135/1.8
canon sigma art 50/1.4
canon sx 40 hs
canon tamron SP 17-50 2.8 VC
canon tokina 28-70mm 2.8

fuji x-T10
Fuji xf Meike 6.5mm f2
fuji xpro1


hasselblad 120mm T* CFI MAKRO
hasselblad 150/4 T*
Hasselblad 150mm F/2.8 F T* 200/2000 Series {86}
Hasselblad 2000 fc/m
Hasselblad 500 C/M + waist level finder
hasselblad 553 elx blk
hasselblad 553 elx blk
hasselblad 553 elx chrome
Hasselblad 80mm T* 2.8

Leica :

leica canon ltm 35/2
leica evf 2
leica finder 24
leica m batteries 2x
Leica M monochrome
leica M8,9 P ME baseplate digital
leica M9
leica R body silver
Leica Zeiss 50/2 Blk Tom show
Leica Zeiss zm 50/1.5 sonnar


nikon 24-70mm 2.8G AFS
nikon 50/1.8 Sepecial edition DF
nikon 50mm 1.4G
nikon 60mm 2.8D macro
nikon 70-200 vr 1
nikon 70-300 vr
nikon 85/1.8D
nikon afs 17-55mm 2.8 DX
nikon ais 105/1.8
Nikon DF silver
nikon sb-600 speedlight


olympus Lumix Gx7
Olympus 45/1.8 black +hood box
olympus 45/1.8 silver
olympus 75/1.8 plus oly hood silver
olympus C mount lens
olympus lumix 15/1.7
Olympus lumix 20/1.7
Olympus metabones MD to m43
olympus nissin flash Di700a Kit
olympus omd-em10 ii (488 clicks)
olympus tele-concverter 1.4x


sony 16-50
sony 18-200 silver hood
sony 18-55 oss silver
sony 18-55mm siver kit nex 5n
sony a6000
sony a6000
Sony A7 grip meike
sony a7ii (589)
sony A7ii series meike grip
sony A7rii grip
sony a7rii(946)
Sony a7riii (20197)
sony a7sii (5716)
sony e 10-18
sony e 18-105 f4
sony E 18-200mm oss silver
sony fe 16-35mm zeiss
sony fe 16-35mm zeiss
Sony FE 24-240mm
sony fe 85/1.8
sony fe 85/1.8
sony fe conv 21mm
Sony fe SLR magic 35mm 1.2
sony fe zeiss 55/1.8
sony metabones fe to T
sony NEX 5n
sony nex 7
sony nex 7 + case
sony nissin speedlight
sony rokinon fe af 85/1.4
sony rx-1 EVF
sony samyang lens station SONY E
sony Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 all new
Sony zeiss fe 55/1.8

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