Full Frame vs. APSc for Travel

Latest on the blog… travel cameras!

'Couv' Camera

Over the summer my wife and I took a few weeks and went to Europe. We did a lot of traveling around in private cars, airplanes, boats, public transit, tour buses, the whole travel experience. I was a bit torn about the camera situation. Although my wife and I do a great deal of domestic travel plus a little Canada here and there, we don’t do the big 8 time zone deal much. As a matter of fact my wife hadn’t been back to her home country (Scotland) in over 30 years and I had never been to the UK myself. So I had every intent to get lots of pictures and I wanted the best photos possible.

As many of you know, I have a full frame EOS-R with a gazillion EF lenses and and another pile of vintage lenses I can adapt to it. I also have my…

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