Wow The Next Show is This Saturday!

Holy cow, that came up quick! We have a packed show this go round with some fresh new vendors and some of our super experienced and regulars as well! I am happy to report Ashley from Oklahoma is coming out. He has been working on modifying broadcast quality zoom lenses to work on Micro 4/3 and APS/c sensors. These lenses are Fujinon and Canon and have crazy 10:1, 14:1, even 20:1 zoom ratios and they are sharp, especially for video use but even for stills. Be sure to come see Ashley this Saturday for the PhotoFair! He has several tables full of amazing and fun conversions that you will love!

Tim Rice is bringing his amazing selection of photo filters. He has a massive amount of filters in just about every size you can imagine. Film is coming back big and filters are definitely a must for great film photography!

Seawood is coming and Graham and the gang are bringing a literal Truckload of awesome gear for the show! They have modern and vintage as well as some super rare Alpa and Leica gear.

Bryan from SoCal is back again in his usual spot ready to hook you up with the best quality professional gear you’ll find. Sony, Canon, Nikon and all the great brands. Bryan brings minty used gear that you can save money on and it looks and works like new. He even brings new gear as well. Look for some specials posted right here later in the week.

Don’t miss out two special presenters, Jeff Martz and Yau-Man Chan, more info coming this week as the show approaches so check back daily!

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