Upcoming Shows and Nifty 50s!

The next show is February 22nd and the Newark Pavilion. On March 1st there is a show in Tuscon, the 62nd annual Western Historical Photographical Society show, then on April 11th in Kent, WA (Near Seattle) the Puget Sound Photographic Collectors Society puts on the biggest show in the west. The PhotoFair will be having an open air (under a tent most likely) show sometime in the early summer in San Rafael, stay tuned for info on that event. Then it’s the Rose City PhotoFair in Portland, OR now our biggest show! That is on the slate for September 19th followed by our Fall PhotoFair in Newark, CA on the 7th of November.

Check out the latest from ‘Couv’ Camera:

Is the 50mm prime past its prime?

There is one of those loaded headlines! That is sure to ruffle some feathers in fact. Well at least until you read a bit more into this post. The title of this article poses a question and the answer in a single word is:


I think the 50mm prime lens is as viable and useful today as it has ever been before. When I got started in SLR photography way back in the Carter Administration the 50mm lens was the lens nearly everyone bought to go with their SLR camera. Back in 1977 I borrowed my friend Andy’s family SLR whilst lending him my custom skateboard. It was a Mamiya 500 DTL with a 50mm F/2 lens. I had a blast with that camera making pictures for quite some time until Andy’s mom wanted the camera back. I took back my skate board and decided it was time to start saving for my own SLR.

Read more here…

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