Fotodiox Adapter for 4×5!

This article was published today at ‘Couv’ Camera…

Fotodiox has created a cool adapter for 4×5 cameras that have a graflok style back. This adapter allows you to mount a modern full frame mirrorless camera to the view camera and take a series of photos that you can stitch together to form a giant high resolution image. The adapter has several preset configurations but my favorite is the six horizontal shot panorama that creates an effective 43mm x 88mm panorama. For comparison the full frame sensor is 24mm x 36mm. I love adapters that allow me to use my classic gear with modern digital convenience and quality.

EOS R5 mounted on Fotodiox and Linhof Technika III Gen V

The adapter allows the digital camera to be moved around to preset and click indented spots to ensure a precise amount of consistent overlap and proper alignment. It works best with a camera that also has a revolving back. On the six shot setup you take three shots horizontally on the “top” half then flip the unit upside down and shoot three more across the bottom. You can then stitch the images together in Photoshop, Microsoft ICE or other stitching software. Although you take six shots the overlap creates a final image about four times the resolution of your sensor. With my EOS-R body that has 30.3 megapixels the final stitched images run about 120 megapixels and with my 45 megapixel R5 stitched images are about 180 megapixels. You will likely have to do a slight trim/crop to compensate for alignment issues.


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