Some New Vendors Coming!

The next show is right around the corner at the Newark Pavilion! We are excited to have a few new vendors coming along with many of your favorites from previous shows. Are you interested in stereo cameras? Well we have a treat for you stereo photographers whether budding or full bloomers, Bob Bloomberg will be bringing a nice selection of stereographic camera gear from classic mainstream to rare and collectible. There is something for every budget. No miss out on an opportunity to own some vintage stereo gear and get it from a guy who is an expert in the field.

We also have Jeffery Luhn coming with some professional lighting gear. Just because our modern digital cameras have great dynamic range and low light response, doesn’t mean you should not have a well lit subject. Come see some serious pro lighting at the next show!

November 13th at Newark Pavilion!

3 thoughts on “Some New Vendors Coming!

  1. Rod, it sounds like a great show. I’m impressed. I’ll try and come buy, I mean by. Sorry, I can’t participate in this show,


  2. Graham, I know you have an 8×10 deardorff for sale, will there possibly be other 4×5, 5×7, etc. deardorff’s there that you may be aware off? I have always enjoyed your show, I sold you a Commercial Sized deardorff years ago, if you recall


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