Lot’s a cool stuff coming Saturday!

Seawood Photo has what could be the largest collection of Leica gear they have ever had! Everything from antiques to classics and even some modern stuff can be found at the Seawood tables.

Emanuelle from PhotoCamera will be on hand paying cash for your unwanted gear. Don’t miss an opportunity to convert and old camera in your closet into cold hard cash at PhotoFair!

Tim Rice will have four tables filled with every kind of filter you can imagine. Film photography needs filters and Tim has them all. You can also find common filters used in digital photography as well such as Neutral Density and Polarizers.

SJM Photo is coming up from Southern California with a variety of used gear. Check the Newark table layout and vendor guide to see all the vendors coming this week.

Don’t forget Photo Historian Jeff Martz will be doing a presentation on his Master’s of Photography series. Jeff has been very well received over the years with these presentations at PhotoFair. It is included with the price of admission so don’t miss him. He starts on the stage at 10:30 am.

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