Seawood Photo has some Great Stuff!

EF 200/1.8 L and 400/4 DO

Seawood is bringing in the usual giant truckload of gear. This time Seawood is packing some real exotics, stuff like a Canon EF 200mm f/1.8 L and the EF 400mm f/4 DO! But they also have some great vintage gear like the rare Silvestri 6×12 wide field camera that shoots on 120 roll film with three Schneider lenses for it, 47mm, 58mm, and 100mm. 47mm is really wide on 6×12! Maybe a Speed Graphic setup with an Aero Ektar is your thing, well Seawood has one of those too. Like vintage movie gear? Well Seawood has a Arriflex 2c 35mm movie camera outfit you just gotta see. Don’t miss this Saturday’s show because we have three dozen vendors on more than 50 tables packed with cool gear from $10 cheap lenses and cameras to some of the most exotic stuff ever made and just about everything in between.

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