A Special Shout Out to our Longtime Vendors.

We have many fresh new faces that come to PhotoFair as vendors to sell gear. Sometimes it’s a retiring photographer that wants to sell off all their gear at once, others are selling family cameras and such. But we have a steady group of vendors that come to every show every year. These guys have vintage gear, some have modern equipment, and many have a little of both. So when you come into the show be sure to visit ALL the tables and meet these great people who all share a love for photography and cool equipment.

  • Jim Beral. Jim is an antiques dealer (Gracefully Aged Antiques) that does all kinds of shows all over the West Coast. But he has a soft spot for cameras and never misses a show at the Newark Pavilion. Be sure to say hello to Jim and his lovely wife while you peruse his three tables stuffed with a nice variety of gear. He may even have a pocket knife or other gadget as well, so look carefully.
  • Ernie Fenn is the inventor of the Sto-Fen flash diffusers and the owner of the company. I bought the shoot through diffuser way back in the early 80s, it is compact and excellent at softening the harsh light of flash units. I still have that unit to this very day! Come see Ernie right next to Jim and take a look at his table. He often has Sto-Fen products on the table as well as some other camera goodies. Ernie has his products sold all over the world from small town camera shops to the big boys like B&H. He is photography royalty and he has been a regular vendor as long as I can remember.
  • Don Seck. Don has been coming to our show since way back and he always has some great stuff on his table. He is in the back at the same table facing the far wall every single show. He seems to find new stuff every show. He’s like a magician doing the rabbit out the hat trick, but with cameras instead of bunnies. Stop by and see what Don has found for us this time.
  • George Verlaine. George is a tall guy that’s hard to miss on the show floor. He is a working professional photographer who has travelled all over the country for corporate and professional gigs. He knows his photography and like me, he is old enough to have shot professionally in the film era. George brings a lot of serious photography gear to these shows, the stuff the pros use. He often has several of his buddies helping man the 3-5 tables he buys each show. George doesn’t have his stuff super tidy and organized like some of our other vendors, but he has good gear for good deals, and that is fine by me.
  • Dave Calleri. Dave is a quiet man that sits at the same table each show. He has a nice selection of great usable camera gear. You will find him at the end of the far row facing the stage. Stop by and say hello. He is also the only two time winner of our vendor table raffle 😉
  • Steve Johnsen. Steve is an active photographer specializing in outdoor work. I have watched Steve post images as he treks all over the country and beyond capturing spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife images. His work is stellar. Steve comes to nearly every show and often sells gear he has used personally as he captures our natural world in vivid detail. Stop by and take a look at his table. Typically near the back and facing the stage.
  • Joe Mori. Joe has been a show regular dating back to the Dave Cox era. Although Joe missed a few shows during the COVID pandemic, he has been a solid trooper for literally decades and returns Saturday for the first time since the pandemic began. Stop by and say hello to camera show legend, Joe Mori.
  • David Silver. David has missed a few shows during the crazy last year or so but return Saturday bringing vintage and antique cameras along with several of his camera buddies. David is very sharp on camera history and can tell you all sorts of magnificent facts about the amazing cameras that have been built and used over the last 170 years. David and his crew of camera lovers will be located right across from Seawood with seven tables of great gear to look at. If you have a question about an old camera, David probably has your answer!

PhotoFair is fortunate to have a few ‘anchor’ tenants for this show like Seawood, PhotoCamera, Filterfind, George H, and SoCal. But the people I mention here are the people that make the show possible. I pay a king’s ransom to rent the hall and without these regular vendors showing up every show offering great merchandise at a nice low price, this show would simply not exist. Thank you to all our vendors and for these people who show up through thick and thin, you make this show possible.

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