Two George’s & Tim

The Seawood 75th Anniversary Sale and PhotoFair Show is just a few days away, Saturday, June 25th, 10am – 2pm. We have George from International Sales coming with batteries and film, yes FILM! He brings fresh film as well as outdated film in all color, b/w, and many formats from 35mm to 4×5 sheet film. This is George’s first trip to Seawood so let’s give him a warm welcome. George is a regular at our Newark show.

We also have George Verlaine who always has cool professional grade gear for sale. George bring studio lighting, tripods, pro grade lenses from Canon and Nikon, and pro bodies as well.

Tim Rice will be at the show and his company Filterfind has the biggest selection of filters I’ve seen anywhere Northern California. If you need a filter you can bet Tim has it and if it isn’t at the show he has more stashed away.

Seawood Photo is having a big sale to celebrate their 75th year in business and store owner Graham Law is paying all the sales tax on purchases in the store for this one day only!

Be sure to stop by Seawood Photo in San Rafael on Saturday June 25th and of course the PhotoFair in the back. PhotoFair closes at 2pm but Seawood is open till 5pm.

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