Best Attendance in Years!

photo by Graham Law

Saturday’s show brought a huge crowd, in fact the best in years. Nearly 400 people made their way through 6000 square feet of killer deals. The crowd was treated to scores of tables filled with all kinds of photography gear. Vendors seemed very happy with the turnout as the show floor remained busy and packed well past the lunch hour!

I bought a Rodenstock Rotelar 300/5.6 true tele for 4×5 and a Canon 35/1.4 L Mk II from Seawood, I got a bunch of film from George at just 5 bucks each, and Tom Duncan had all kinds of great telescope stuff; I bought 3 eyepieces from him and he was very well priced, what a deal! Tim Rice had four tables stuffed with filters of every kind, and all of our vendors had a nice selection of gear from modern to vintage, lenses, cameras, lighting equipment, and more.

photo by Graham Law

Thanks to all our vendors and guests that helped make this the best show since the pre-Covid days. A special shout out to Yau-Man Chan who delivered an excellent seminar on digital printing using Photoshop and Lightroom.

The next show is our small show at Seawood Photo in San Rafael on the 24th of June. This show is outdoors in the Seawood Photo parking lot. Admission to this show is free and a limited number of tables are available due to space constraints so book your table early. Check our complete 2023 schedule here.

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