Daily Archives: July 25, 2017

Welcome Back!

All About Cameras from Seattle and Don Friend from Lacey will be coming down to the 2nd Annual Rose City PhotoFair. Be sure to mark your calendar for October 8th!

Old School Behind the Iron Curtain…

Here is the latest video. This one discusses some old Cold War era lenses from the “Eastside” of the wall. These old lenses are lots of fun to play with and you can use them on many modern digital cameras. Best part is that both  of these lenses are available for around $50. The next PhotoFair is June 3rd and no doubt there will be tables full of classic glass like this and so much more!

Great Show!

Thanks to all for helping us produce a great show with a sold out floor. We will have some media out soon. 100 People were already through the door in the first 30 minutes and that is amazing. The weather was spectacular and we had trouble competing with it after about 1pm, but up until then the place was packed to the gills. Thank you to all the vendors and guests for making this a PhotoFair to remember 🙂