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Bill and Jeff are Back!

Both Jeff Martz and Bill Lemon have been very popular guests at PhotoFair and we are certainly delighted to have them back again.

Jeff will expand his interesting and dynamic talks on historical figures in Photography.

Bill Lemon will focus on some different lighting and lens work techniques beyond just Glamour in a new presentation with a live model on stage.

Jeff Martz History of Photography Lecture Series,

Part 2:  The Pioneers of Photography
Early 19th century photography develops under the pressure of many imperatives.  An intrepid group of dedicated amateurs explore the artistic potential of the calotype.  The public, eager for images of themselves, creates a massive new democratic market for portraiture.  The first professional studios respond with pioneering daguerreotype and collodion work that set the course for what the form will become.  Join photographer and art historian Jeffrey Martz as he introduces photographic revolutionaries like Anna Atkins, Hill & Adamson, Southworth & Hawes and more in an open forum featuring the best-possible reproductions.

10:30am on the PhotoFair Stage

FREE Demo: Portrait Lighting Secrets
with Bill Lemon

Famed Glamour photographer and author Bill Lemon’s presentations always draw a crowd!

This time Bill will share his knowledge of portrait lighting techniques using basic equipment and backgrounds to produce stunning images. Learn how to use light to create drama and enhance your subjects!

Bill will be using a live model to demonstrate.

12:00pm on the PhotoFair Stage http://www.photofair.com

It’s Official, Seawood is Moving!

11988457_10154219368419816_4795436117813018219_nSeawood Photo has been serving Marin County’s photo community since 1947. During that entire 68 year period they have done business from the same building and store front as they did from day one.

But now an opportunity has arisen that will give Seawood’s customers the ability to see more merchandise, enjoy a superior classroom for seminars and photo classes, and have on site free parking!

Seawood is expected to open the new location at the corner of 4th and F streets in San Rafael, CA in mid-October; it’s just about a mile or so down the road from the current location. Please visit Seawood at www.seawood.com or on Facebook or Twitter for more information.

Photo Fair is looking for Portland Partners

We have plans to bring Photo Fair to Portland. We have a tentative show date in Portland set for August 28th, 2016. We need local partners in the photo industry to help promote the show.

We are also looking for a hall to rent that is reasonable in cost and has good public parking, preferably free. Locations in Portland area could also include Gresham, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Tualitin, Oregon City and possibly Vancouver, WA

Please contact Rod Sager at 4photofair@gmail.com