Daily Archives: September 29, 2017

SoCal is Coming to Portland!

Come see Bryan from SoCal who has excellent modern and classic photo gear including some high end Nikon and Canon glass! SoCal is a regular at our Newark show and we are delighted to have him confirmed for Portland on the 8th! This show is shaping up very nicely and we have a nice contingent of dealers headed up from Southern California! Be sure to come to the show and support all the great vendors, local camera shops, non-profit organizations, and Nellie’s Food Truck too! Wow just 9 more days 🙂

Jessika and Wiro are coming!

We are pleased to have Jessika and Wiro coming in from Europe. They like to buy your camera gear and they are great people. Be sure to stop by and see them up near the front of the show.

Ashely Anthony from Oklahoma!

Mr. Anthony just confirmed he will be at the show on the 21st of May! Ashely is bring his biggest load of top grade gear ever! He has Sony A7s, Canon EOS M3s (my personal fav) and 4 giant tables of lenses, DSLRs and accessories at fantastic prices!

This show is shaping up nicely with professional buyers paying cash money for you unwanted gear. Bill Lemon and Yau Man Chan will be having exciting demonstrations during this great event!

Come see Emanuelle from PhotoCamera, Inc and Michi from Japan as they will be buying your used and collectible camera gear.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Stop by Seawood Photo in San Rafael and pick up a free pass to the show while supplies last!