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Fidgeting with Focal Length

New life and speed for old glass and new glass too….

'Couv' Camera

Last time I mentioned focal reducers and I thought I would go over them in detail this time round. Focal reducers are in essence the opposite of a tele-converter. Rather than increasing the effective focal length of a lens they decrease the effective focal length of the lens. How do they work and are they any good? Let’s find out.

First I want to start with tele-converters as they have been around in photography much longer. These are often referred to as “doublers” because the most common ones effectively doubled the focal length. I call it ‘effective’ because the lens focal length does not physically change. With a tele-converter the way the focal length is “doubled” is by having a lens assembly that crops away 75% of the image and then projects the remaining 25% in the center across the entire sensor or film. Because 75% is cropped away, the…

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Wide to the Max

Wow just a little over three weeks till the next show. Jeff Martz and Bill Lemon are returning so be sure to mark your calander for May 5th, 10-3 at the Newark Pavilion. Meanwhile check this blog post out on the Irix 11mm…


Nor Cal Photo Supply is Coming

We are happy to have Lew Held of Nor Cal Photo Supply at the February 25th show in Newark. Lew is a long time factory rep, and he is bringing factory samples and demo gear to sell at the show. Don’t miss your opportunity to score big at PhotoFair!