About the Owners

Rod Sager and Graham Law have been friends and business associates since 1983. The two met while both were employed at Old Town Photo in Novato, CA. Rod went on to a wholesale photo distribution business as a multi-line factory rep while Graham went on to manage and later own Seawood Photo in San Anselmo, CA. Both Rod and Graham attended various camera shows around the Bay Area including PhotoFair dating back to the 1980s.

The two re-connected as business associates in 1993 when Graham become the owner of Seawood. He hired Rod to manage the store and as a team they worked hard to build Seawood into one of the biggest used camera dealers in Northern California. The two began exhibiting at PhotoFair in both San Jose and San Mateo back in the 350 table days with as many as eight tables for Seawood.

Rod went back into distribution in 1997 but continued to manage Seawood’s web site until 2008. He has exhibited at every Photo Fair with Graham ever since. Rod is a Past President of the Marin Photo Club (1995). He was awarded status as a Certified Photographic Counselor by the Photo Marketing Association in 1984. He is now a multi-million dollar producing Realtor® in Vancouver, WA; he is a published author  (Don’t Panic, 2010 Publish America) and contributes to ten blogs.

grahamGraham resides in Penngrove, CA and is the President of Seawood, Inc. Seawood continues to be a successful camera store in an era where “real” camera stores are becoming scarce. Graham has extensive experience as a working professional photographer and is a genuine photo enthusiast with a soft spot for vintage gear. His retail store in San Rafael, CA (formerly in San Anselmo, CA) has been continuously serving Marin County’s avid photographers since 1947. Graham also writes interesting articles on the company website about sometimes obscure and always very cool equipment.

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