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Tickets available online for Portland!

We have added the next show in Portland to Eventbrite for early bird and general admission for those of you that like to get tickets online.  Please be advised, general admission tickets purchased online have some associated fees that we have to pass a portion of on to the buyer. Tickets online are for convenience and the best deal is cash at the door.  We cannot accept refunds on the online ticket sales.

We are so excited for the Portland Show!

PhotoFair and My Signet

Recent video talking about some cool stuff at PhotoFair and a classic Kodak Signet camera 🙂

Thank you!

Another great show is in the books. Thank you all for attending. We had several first time vendors of which we are certain some shall return again and again. We had a solid crowd come in and take advantage of great deals and two fantastic presentations from Jeff Martz and Bill Lemon.

Great show and don’t forget the Third Annual Rose City PhotoFair is next up September 29th, at the Jackson Armory in Portland, OR. Then on November 10th we’re back at the Pavilion in Newark for PhotoFair.