Photo Central Presents a Special Guest Artist

Photo Central is a regular guest at the show often featuring information about local and regional artists and authors in art. This Saturday, Photo Central will present a special guest artist at the show.

Phillip Garbutt will present his work in photography and numerous process methods including Cyanotypes, Van Dykes, salt print, gum (dichromate), carbon and platinum printing. Come meet the artist at the show.

The American Linhof?

Back in the day when I used to shoot a lot of 4×5 film I had a studio mono-rail setup and a Linhof Technika IV. I loved that Technika, it was so damn well made and the controls were all precision and smooth to operate. The later model Technika’s only real downfall was the hefty weight. That camera was stout and by stout I mean you could kill a bear with it. That translated into a sore back when carrying in the field which is what I did with it most of the time. It was easily twice as heavy as most field 4×5 cameras and three times as heavy as something lightweight like a Tachihara.

The title of this article is the “American” Linhof and since Linhof is German, clearly this needs to shift gears. And so it shall. Recently I picked up a Busch Pressman 4×5 camera at Blue Moon Camera in Portland, OR. The Pressman is a metal press 4×5 camera that is similar to a Linhof Technika III. It is notably lighter than the Technika IV and similar in weight to the Technika III. Like the Linhofs, the Pressman was designed for press style photography and was offered with a rangefinder as well as a variety of optional hand grips. As a 4×5 view camera it offers some handy field style front movements including tilt, rise, and shift. The camera has excellent quality and feels as well made as a Technika III but not as refined as the later Technika IV and V.

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The Prime 50mm is Always Prime!

This latest video dives into the 50mm prime lens and the use of perspective in photography. You will find hundreds of 50mm lenses modern and vintage at the next PhotoFair on February 22nd! Bring your old gear in to sell to one of three major camera buyers. PhotoFair is the largest camera buying event in the Bay Area! Top dollar is paid for your used gear.