Free Lenses and Swag!

7 Artisans is providing 4 lenses to give away to guests at Saturday’s PhotoFair in Portland, OR. They have also provided some swag items for all guests while they last. 7Artisans make nice lenses for various mirrorless cameras and Leica M mount. Don’t miss an opportunity to score a one of two 25/1.8 lenses for APS-C cameras, a 60/2.8 macro for APS-C cameras, or a 35/0.95 for APS-C. We will be announcing more details on this soon. The Rose City PhotoFair is THIS Saturday, at Jackson Armory in Portland, OR. Doors open at 10AM.

Latest Video chats up Vintage AF Lens?

Hard to believe we have autofocus gear now ticking the vintage status after a decade of sitting in that sort of “classic” status. Canon launched the EF system in 1987 and by my count that was 34 years ago! But it’s true, the Leica M lenses I used to consider classics are now entering the twilight years of “Antique” status. Yikes! Check out this video about Canon’s legendary “Magic Drainpipe” I bet you will find one of these for sale at the next show on September 18th, in Portland!