Great Show, Thanks!

We had a lot of new vendors at the last show and a nice crowd that took advantage of mild weather and another opportunity for great deals. Both of our special guests were well received and did a fabulous job. Many thanks to Nathan Lomas of Image Works and Pulitzer Prize winner, Kim Komenich. The next show is March 23rd, at Newark Pavilion, mark your calander now!

Two More Days!

The show is 48 hours away and we have a full house! Don’t miss you opportunity to find all kinds of deals on vintage and modern gear as well as 1000’s of rolls of film from two vendors, George and Frank will have a variety of color and B/W film for you film lovers! Seawood Photo is bringing in a literal TRUCK-load of gear and we have vendors from all over the west coast bringing amazing photo equipment, books, parts, rare items and more.

Don’t forget we have two amazing special guest presentations on the stage, Nathan Lomas Master printer and post processing expert at 10:30 and Pulitzer Prize winner, Kim Komenich at 12:30. Check out more information here.

See you at the show this Saturday, Nov 12th at Newark Pavilion!

Analog Filters? Of Course!

We are happy to have Tim Rice of Filterfind at the show again this Saturday (Nov 12th). Tim has thousands of filters for just about any need you may have. Some have wondered if analog filters are even needed anymore in our digital world. For film photography they are an essential tool. But you may be surprised to find that many filters are still essential tools even in our magical digital era! Couv Camera explores this phenomenon in the latest article, click here!

Don’t forget we have two amazing special guests on stage, Pulitzer Prize winner, Kim Komenich at 12:30 and a special Photoshop presentation by Master Printer Nathan Lomas at 10:30.