85/1.2 L a Beast of a lens

Zane from Seawood Photo checks out a cool Canon 7 at the show (taken with EOS R and 85/1.2L)

I mentioned the other day I bought a Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L at the show and decided to write it up after spending a few days with it bulging out in front of my new EOS R.


Great Show, Thank You!

How about that show Saturday? Thanks to our two presenters, Jeff Martz with another amazing Photo History presentation and Lew Held with Sigma for a fabulous lens demo. Lew brought in some AMAZING lenses, I’m talking about exotic glass like a 105mm f/1.4 for FULL FRAME!

I managed to sell my minty 5D Mark III at the show and picked up a couple of juicy items for solid prices. I got a nice clean Leica Summicron C 40mm that I will use on my Canon M5 and I got that legendary Canon 85mm f/1.2 L Mark II at very fair price.

We are actively looking to bring more factory demos to our show. Stay tuned right here for more info. The next show is February 23rd at the Newark Pavilion. Come for the classics or come for the modern stuff, PhotoFair has it all.

I look forward to doing it all again next year! Thank you to all our guests, vendors, and presenters for another fabulous experience at #PhotoFair #CameraSwap

Sigma Lenses Factory Rep Presentation!

Sigma will be at the next show on November 10th at Newark Pavilion. Come see the latest lenses from Sigma with factory rep, Lew Held. Special PhotoFair rebates available when purchased at the show. (Seawood Photo will serve as dealer) In addition to the factory demo and sale, Sigma will also have a special photography presentation:

Sigma Global Vision Presents: Getting the Best Picture While Traveling.

Take a journey using different lenses & focal lengths.  Learn how different lenses create different results.  From Wide-angle, to Telephoto, to Macro.  Event shooting the same subject with different lenses, can create a totally different result.




Lew Held started his photography in 1968 with a Pentax Spotmatic. He has worked with photographers in the multimedia industry. Lew has done work in corporate photography.  He had his first photo published in the New York Daily News at age 17.  Lew has has worked in, managed, and owned photo retail stores.  He currently has the largest manufacturers rep firm on the West Coast. Lew has attended several PhotoFair events over the years and has been a very successful factory rep for many years.