Portland Layout and Vendors


Confirmed vendors will appear in a list below. Some vendors may not confirm until the last few weeks leading up to the show. Vendor locations are subject to change and are NOT official until the morning of the show. The table assignments may be shown below but are not final until the week of the show. Look for posts on the blog page to hear about vendors and specials for the show! Layout is subject to change to suit vendors with unusual table layouts or booth requirements.

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Vendors for the Rose City Show, October 8th, 2017 (in alphabetical order)

  • PhotoFair Admin (A1-A4)
  • Advance Camera, Portland OR (Confirmed)
  • All About Cameras, Seattle, WA (Confirmed)
  • James Bausch, Salem, OR  (Tentative)
  • Scott Bilotta, Santa Rosa, CA  (Tentative)
  • Larry Boltjes, Portland, OR (Confirmed)
  • Blue Moon Camera, Portland, OR  (Confirmed)
  • Camera Books, Inc, Crooked River Ranch, OR (Tentative)
  • James Chesky, Vancouver, WA  (Tentative)
  • Cobra Crane and Steadytracker, Dana Smith, Orange County, CA (Confirmed)
  • Neil Cutler, Portland, OR (Tentative)
  • Lucian Chris, Portland, OR (Tentative)
  • John Christensen, Puget Sound, WA  (Tentative)
  • Emanuele, Photo Camera, Inc. prof buyer from Bakersfield, CA  (Confirmed)
  • Empire Photographic Brokers, Vancouver, WA  (Confirmed)
  • Jeff Farrell, Portland, OR (Confirmed)
  • Don Friend, Lacey, WA (Confirmed)
  • Green Mountain Energy, Texas (Confirmed)
  • J.L. Jones, Lake Oswego, OR (Tentative)
  • KEH Camera, Los Angeles, CA (Confirmed)
  • Knight Camera Repair, Vancouver, WA (Confirmed)
  • Lensbaby, Craig, Portland, OR (Confirmed)
  • Francis Lombardi, Salem, OR (Confirmed)
  • Ralph London, Portland OR (Confirmed)
  • Greg May, Salem, OR (Tentative)
  • George McGreer, Salem, OR (Confirmed)
  • Monochrome Imaging, Dan, Vancouver, WA (Confirmed)
  • Nellie Cafe (food service provider) Vancouver, WA (Confirmed)
  • Pacific Rim Camera, Salem, OR (Confirmed)
  • Bob Peters, Portland, OR (Confirmed)
  • PSPCS, Gary S, Seattle, WA, and Tuscon, AZ (Confirmed)
  • Allen Rong, Washington DC (Tentative)
  • Rose City Astronomers, Portland, OR  (Tentative)
  • RCA Night Sky Photography Presentation, Greg Marshall, Portland OR (Tentative)
  • SoCal, Bryan Asmar, Los Angeles, CA (Confirmed)
  • Ted Rosenbalm, Corvalis, OR (Confirmed)
  • Rod Sager, Realtor®, Equity Northwest Properties, Vancouver, WA  (Confirmed)
  • Seawood Photo, San Anselmo, CA  (Confirmed)
  • V-Photo, Philadelphia, PA (Tentative)