EOS R5, a winner?

Is the new EOS R5 really that good? How is it for use with vintage glass and non native gear?

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Is the All in one Lens viable?

Originally posted in “Couv Camera” by Rod Sager

For several decades now, the so-called “all-in-one” lens has been a tool in the world of lenses. In the beginning back in the early to mid 80s, these lenses were 35-200mm and later 28-200mm for full frame (35mm) SLRs. These lenses were never particularly sharp nor did they make images that could be used in a serious or professional manner. The biggest problem the lenses had was distortion typically severe barrel distortion at the wide end and heavy pincushion distortion at the tele end. In the film days there really wasn’t much you could do to “correct” distortion. But the modern era is different, digitally we can correct these issues. Has the modern lens manufacturing and engineering coupled with high tech digital cameras  made these lenses a viable and quality alternative to multiple zooms? I bought a few to try out.

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November 7th Show Cancelled

We waited till the last possible moment, hoping for the best with COVID-19, but alas the disease continues to be a health threat and the government will not allow indoor events large enough to support the Fall PhotoFair this year. We figured this was going to be the case, but held out for the miracle.

This has been a challenging event all over the world and PhotoFair wishes you all the best of health and for those afflicted with Corona Virus may you have a swift and full recovery.

The next show is the 47th annual PhotoFair, scheduled for February 20th, 2021 at the Newark Pavilion.