Video Showcasing the Chiyoko Super Rokkor 45/2.8

The latest PhotoFair video this time a classic LTM lens you should own for your Leica 35mm or your modern mirrorless body 🙂

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Shooting Cityscapes

Cities can be interesting subjects. Some cities have definable skylines with famous structures like Seattle’s Space Needle or San Francisco’s Trans-America Pyramid. But even with out the landmark buildings, a city can offer photographers an opportunity for an interesting study. The very same city can have dramatically different looks shot from different angles, often just changing a couple of blocks can render an entirely different scene.

One thing a photographer may want to try is to get up high. Not necessarily the highest building in town, but up off the street a few floors, maybe between 3-7 stories up or in a really large city 15-20 stories up. The typical cityscape is often shot looking up at tall buildings. This can lead to converging lines and awkward looking shots with distortion. Sometimes that itself can make for a fun shot, but is can get old fast. Structured parking garages are a good way to get up high in a city.

continue reading…  Hopefully the next show can still happen in Portland at Jackson Armory on September, 19th.

Seawood Photo has walk up service

Seawood Photo in San Rafael, CA is open for pick up or walk up service. You can get film, supplies and even camera gear, unfortunately wandering around the store gawking at all the amazing new and used equipment is not quite available yet. It is possible that the Marin County Health Officials may all retail operations to resume in June so stay tuned for news on that. Check out for information and hours. Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from making great images. Stay safe, and take photos.