Latest on the blog… Summicron Bargain…

Summicron-C 40/2 read about it here.

‘Couv’ Camera


Looks like the Show is Sold Out!

Newark Pavilion will be stuffed to the gills with great deals on cameras, lenses, accessories. New and Used, Vintage and Modern, Digital and Film. Don’t miss the next show on Saturday, February 23rd!

We have professional buyers on hand to buy your gear. Laowa lenses is having a factory demo and sale,  Seawood Photo has all kinds of great stuff, All your favorite vendors are coming so don’t miss out!

Jeff Martz is giving another excellent talk on Photography and Photo History.

What the “L” is Going On?

Many Canon L lenses can be found at the next PhotoFair show on the 23rd of this month!

'Couv' Camera

World’s first Fluorite Lens Canon FL-F 300/5.6, 1969

Canon, perhaps more than any other brand has created a very well-known identity for their professional series of lenses. The bright red ring and the nomenclature  designated with the professionally ubiquitous “L” are universally known as “pro” lenses even by photo ‘newbs.’ The off-white heat reflecting paint is a staple at sporting events and was started by Canon in the 1980s. Canon began designating “L” for several high-end specialty lenses in the early 1980s when they decided lenses such as the FD 14/2.8, FD 85/1.2 Aspherical and FD 300/2.8 Fluorite lenses needed some special annotation. The fluorite lenses already had a green ring around them dating back to 1969 with the Fl F 300/5.6. The revamped 300mm with the fast 2.8 aperture was painted off-white, given the famous red ring treatment and thus designated the 300/2.8 L. The…

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