Leica Dual Range Review

March 25th is fast approaching for the next PhotoFair show at Newark Pavilion. We have special guest Yau-Man Chan delivering an excellent presentation workshop on Digital imaging and printing with Lightroom and Photoshop. Don’t miss out.

Rod backs up his recent PhotoFair video on the Leica Dual-Range Summicron with a blog post on Couv Camera. Check that out here:

Zoom Fisheyes: Versatile?

Don’t forget we are just two weeks out for the next show, March 25th at Newark Pavilion. Yau-Man Chan will give a great presentation on digital image printing from Photoshop and Lightroom.

Here is our latest video. Rod discusses the surprising versatility of zoom fisheye lens like the Canon 8-15/4 L and the Nikon 8-15/3.5-4.5 ED. A little help from Lightroom and these lenses suddenly become much more useful.

Yau-Man Chan Presentation at Next Show

The next show is March 23rd at Newark Pavilion. We are delighted to announce that our special guest for this show is Yau-Man Chan. He has a bio on our special guests page, here. Yau-Man will be on the stage at 10:30 the presentation should be about 45min-60min. This special guest seminar is included with your admission.

Understanding Digital Images and Printing with Lightroom and Photoshop

One of the services provided by Seawood Photo is high-end custom printing.  The most frequently asked question when we are provided with a digital images is usually “Is it large enough to print the size we want?” 

In this session we will look at properties of digital images and how they impact the quality of prints and the large possible size printable from the image file.

We will try to understand digital dimensions: What is really the difference between Pixels Per Inch (PPI) and Dots Per Inch (DPI) and why you should care.  How to control pixel density when print to get consistent results.

What is the ideal scanning resolution for copying old photos to make good prints. We will show you how to calculate the proper scanning resolution. 

Lightroom is a very versatile program for printing both individual prints and in batch mode.  We will discuss best practice for setting up a print job to get the best results.

We will look at the various options for printing from Lightroom and how to control the outcome.