Latest YouTube Video

This video discusses the use of cool shift adapters to turn any old lens into a perspective control lens! Clever devices for all of us photographers that have a love for using old school glass on modern digital cameras 🙂

Mark Your Calander!

Not only is the next PhotoFair just around the corner… February 23rd at Newark Pavilion, but we have Jeff Martz confirmed to return and we will have a special guest, Larry Beckerman, Factory rep for Laowa Lenses! He is bringing in some  very cool and unique lenses that can be used on modern digital cameras like,, Canon, Nikon and Sony! Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to see these amazing high-tech lenses from Laowa! But you knew that already right?

I want to throw out a plug for the Western Photographic Historical Society that is having their 61st annual show and swap in Tuscon on the 17th or March. Take a look at their flyer below!

One Month to GO!

February 23rd is fast approaching. We are always pretty busy at the Winter PhotoFair and dealers like to dig deep into the ‘warehouse’ of inventory to bring the best stuff to the show.

Photofair has classic vintage gear as well as modern new gear. Film or digital what ever you fancy. We are lining up our guest presenters as well so stay tuned right here for more information.

We are having a factory demo from Laowa Lenses. These are amazing modern lenses that can be used on film cameras and modern digital as well. The optics are amazing and they specialize in low distortion designs. Come see Larry Beckerman, the local factory rep for these amazing lenses.

Laowa has some very specialized lenses including a 12mm Full Frame lens with some of the lowest distortion ratings among any brands! They have a 15mm fully corrected MACRO lens that is amazing. They recently launched the widest full frame zoom lens available for Sony FE mount 10-18mm! That’s wide on a crop camera but it is for FULL FRAME!


Don’t miss this opportunity to see these fantastic optics and ask questions from the factory rep. Seawood Photo is an authorized USA dealer and can ship or deliver any of these lenses. Stayed tuned for announcements about special factory deals and incentives for the show!

You can visit Laowa’s website here.