COVID-19 Show Cancellation

Due to requirements and restrictions created by the COVID 19 response plan by Governor Newsom, the special June 27th show at Seawood Photo has been canceled. We are still planning on hosting the next show in Portland, Oregon on September, 19th as scheduled as well as our Fall Show in Newark on the 7th of November.

We look forward to resuming the 45 year old tradition of PhotoFair as soon as COVID-19 restrictions are eased. We do hope you are all safe and well and finding time to make images with your cameras.

Mirrorless, Which One? Latest from ‘Couv’ Camera

Holy cow that is a loaded headline! I could be swimming in shark infested waters right now. But I will try not to splash about too much 😉 First off, anyone following this blog already knows, I am a Canon user by and large, that said, I will try to avoid any fan-boy isms or favoritism. I am also here to focus on the still photography aspects of cameras with video being secondary. One can easily find scores of YouTubers that can talk up the video side of cameras with far more experience and knowledge than I can. I’ll leave the video to the experts real or imagined 😉 I intend to focus on interchangeable lens cameras and not fixed lens cameras.

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Latest on ‘Couv’ Camera

Little Vintage Rokkor Delivers

Last fall at a PhotoFair show I bought this vintage Super Rokkor 45/2.8 for Leica Screw Mount rangefinder. In reality this was designed for a Minolta Rangefinder camera that utilized the LTM mount as did the Canon’s at the time. I was not real familiar with this lens but I did some research and found that Minolta had 3 versions of the 45/2.8 and they also had 50/2 which was bigger and heavier but not “better.” These early lenses were branded under the name “Chiyoko” prior to using the Minolta name on lenses. I have mine adapted to Leica M mount so I can use it on my EOS R or my EOS M5 with a cool helicoil adapter.

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