Special Guests and Dealers

PhotoFair is delighted to bring in special guests for demonstrations, seminars, and other exciting products and services. These special guests often offer demonstrations and seminars at no additional cost to our guests! If you are someone interested in being a special guest at PhotoFair please contact: Rod Sager at 4photofair@gmail.com.

Special Guests

Please check local show schedule to confirm guests appearances

Bill Lemon (Newark, returning in 2022)

10382442_10152566322142604_6303045649562107130_nBill Lemon is a nationally recognized glamour photographer and author of seven books on the subject. Bill has had successful and very popular glamour seminars held all over the country. He has developed many fascinating techniques for shooting glamour and artistic store_DVDnudes in a variety of spectacular locations. Join us and enjoy a Bill Lemon live demonstration of posing and lighting techniques on our stage at the Newark Show. There is no additional cost for this amazing presentation. Bill will field questions and offer tips as well. This is a must see event for anyone interested in taking their model photography to the next level.

Although Bill specializes in glamour photography, many of his posing and lighting techniques easy translate to general portraiture as well. We are lemoncover1very happy to be able to offer these demonstrations here at PhotoFair. Check billlemon.com for information on his comprehensive and immersive seminar events held around the nation and to buy books and videos.

Bill should have a variety of his books and DVDs for sale and will autograph them as well. Some of the older books can be hard to find so be sure check out the selection and grab a copy of a rare book if you can. Bill recently published a great book called, “Nudes on Location”. Please be sure to get yours before they sell out. Bill is semi-retired and operates on a much more occasional basis. We look forward to having him again sometime in the future.


Photography Historian, Jeff Martz (Newark)

jeffmartzPhotoFair is so pleased to announce that Jeff Martz will be bringing his Masters of Photography Series and other photo history presentations to our shows. Jeff has done presentations on Eugéne Atget and Bill Brandt as well as an excellent general hisotry of photography presentation. These presentations will include images as well as a fun and enlightening discussion about the style, techniques, and historical impact of amazing photographers and other historical accounts in the photo industry. Jeff will continue these amazing presentations and others on the history of photography in the future.

Jeff has already presented on several of the “Masters” from is series and future events will include others in his series of notable and amazing photographers. Please check back to this page for more insight on this excellent historical series at PhotoFair.

Presenter Bio: A seasoned traveler and fine art photographer, Jeffrey Martz earned his MFA in Photography from Utah State in 1997.  He has taught graduate Art History at his alma mater, and currently teaches photography & Art History at Sir Francis Drake High School in San Anselmo, California.

Award Winning Travel Photographer, Robert Holmes (Portland, Newark)

Robert Holmes career as one of the world’s most successful and prolific travel photographers has extended over 40 years. He was the first photographer to be honored twice by the Society of American Travel Writers with their Travel Photographer of the Year Award and he is the only photographer to be given the award 5 times, most recently for 2017. Bob is a Fellow of both the Royal Geographical Society and The Explorers Club.

Rose City Astronomers, Greg Marshall (Portland Only)


Local astro-photography expert from the Rose City Astronomers club presented free tips and techniques for photographing the beautiful night sky. This program was presented in the presentation area of the show floor at 11 AM. This program was free to all attendees of PhotoFair. You might be lookout-surprised to find out that amazing otherworldly images can be made with relatively common camera gear. A telescope is often not even needed. Rose City Astronomers is a local club based in Portland and meets regularly. Visit their website for info on the club. But be sure to check back here for updated info on future PhotoFair presentations. There are some wonderful images that can be made of our gorgeous night sky with gear you already own and maybe a few relatively inexpensive specialty items. I am very excited to have the Rose City Astronomers offering up some of their expertise to the attendees at PhotoFair in Portland. This event will be offered at no charge for all attendees at the show.


Yau-Man Chan (Newark, Portland)


Yau-Man Chan is an expert in the use of software and techniques in digital RAW processing and manipulation. Be sure to attend his various demonstrations at PhotoFair and learn how to make the most out of your images.

Yau-Man Chan is an amazing guy that is well-known for being a finalist contestant on Survivor:Fiji where he ultimately finished 4th, but was in a clear position to win it all. He was by far the most popular contestant on that season with a 65.5% rating. He also appeared in Survivor: Micronesia. He is much more than a mansy-lakeshore-0302reality television star. Chan graduated from M.I.T. with a B.S. in Physics and a Masters in Scientific Instrumentation from U.C.S.B. He retired from U.C. Berkeley as Chief technology Officer for Computing Services, Network Services, and Telecommunications at the College of Chemistry. He is a noted, champion table tennis player as well.

Special Dealers and Exhibitors

Tim Rice, FILTERS!

arice-2Tim Rice is the filter guy! Filterfind.net is an amazing resource for filters from Hoya, Tiffen, Cokin and others. He often has three full tables of every kind of filter you can imagine. Tim is an expert on filters and we are happy to have him at every show!

Tim also produces a series of regular camera swaps in Hayward and San Rafael, check out his page here.

Tom Duncan

22519823_290044178176638_3966101959052343153_oTom is a long time show dealer and often brings in amazing vintage collectibles and memorabilia. He also has telescopes and astronomy equipment. He may take you Astor gear or telescope in trade, so be sure to bring any unwanted astronomy equipment to the next show and talk to Tom.

George – International Supplies, Film, Batteries, Paper

12801191_10209197814329155_2497238167123948735_nCome meet George and his wonderful crew from International Supplies. George brings 2-3 tables of film, hard to find batteries for classic and modern cameras, darkroom photo paper, and much more. If you want to get a taste of silver-halide photography come see George at PhotoFair!

Seawood Photo

aseawood-0208Seawood has been serving the interests of Marin County’s avid photographers since 1947. Current owner Graham Law has been presiding over this amazing business since 1993 and served as its manager from 1987 on. He is now the longest-serving owner of this great camera store. Seawood takes pride in being one of Northern California’s largest used camera dealers. Seawood specializes in all forms of used gear from modern digital to vintage and collectibles. Seawood is also a great place to buy new equipment, film, darkroom supplies, along with all the classic photo accessories and books.

aseawood-2Seawood recently moved to a new location in San Rafael just a couple of miles from the original Location in San Anselmo. This new store is double the size, but still offers that Seawood charm. Come by and see Graham and his staff of local pros at the show with half a dozen giant tables filled with awesome goodies! Seawood buys, sells, and will work with trade ins. Most importantly Seawood’s 30 day warranty applies to purchases at the show so you can purchase with confidence.

SoCal – Bryan

Bryan has upped his game big time over the last several years. He has done a wonderful job filling the void left by the retirement of Faith and Clifton. Yes my friends Bryan has an amazing custom display setup filled with top grade gear from Nikon, Canon, Voightlander, Leica, Zeiss, and more! Do not forget to stop by his tables and take a look. Bryan sells only the best items and he sells them for less than you will pay on ebay.

David Silver – The International Photographic History Org

David has an enormous amount experience and expertise in vintage and collectible cameras. He often brings several tables of rare and interesting cameras. What’s amazing about David is that he very likely knows just about everything there is to know about the cameras he has. One of the sharpest guys on vintage and historical cameras you’ll find anywhere! You will find him at or near table 52. Check him out here.

Dana – Cobra Crane – RolloCam

We are happy to welcome back, Dana from Cobra Crane International. Dana will be offering the factory demonstration of his unique camera motion systems. These professional grade camera sliders, pan tilt, and other amazing systems are controlled with software apps for your smart phone. This amazing innovation lets video and still photographers do full motion video or time-lapse photography with automated, fully customizable and, user controllable slider or pan-tilt hardware. Come see this affordable gear that will help you perform like a Hollywood professional on a budget for the masses. Check back for information on unique show specials available only at PhotoFair! Come see the latest invention, the Rolo-Cam.

Specialty Buyers

We are so happy to have regular buyers at the show every time. These buyers are looking for a variety of equipment but sometimes like to specialize in rare or collectible items that other dealers may not show as much interest in.

  • PhotoCamera, Inc. Emanuelle buys thousands of dollars worth of gear every show. Emanuelle will look at most mansy-lakeshore-0301major brand items you have to sell but has a soft spot for vintage and collectibles. Be sure to stop by and see him. He is usually right up front.
  • Tom Duncan. He buys and sells telescopes and astronomy equipment along with vintage collectibles and memorabilia. If you have a telescope to sell or any astronomy related gear, be sure to talk to Tom.
  • amichi-0218Michi, from Japan likes to buy your minty collectibles and other high quality cameras and lenses. He will greet you near the front with a warm and friendly smile. Michi is somewhat selective but be sure to show him what you have while you’re at the show. Michi doesn’t come as often as he used to so check the guest list. Michi is now retired.
  • Allen Rong is a buyer who is often seen at PhotoFair buying vintage equipment. He comes in from Washington D.C. for some PhotoFair events.

Regular Dealers and Vendors

These are dealers that have been coming to PhotoFair almost every show for many years. Offering up great deals on all kinds of cameras to our guests. They serve as a wealth of information and expertise about cameras, lenses, and photography. Without these regular and loyal exhibitors, a show like PhotoFair can’t happen. Thank you all.

  • All About Cameras, Seattle, WA
  • Bill Lemon, Novato, CA
  • Blue Moon Camera and Machine, Portland, OR
  • Bryan Asmar – SoCal, Southern California
  • Clarence Towers, San Francisco, CA
  • Dave Calleri and John Bosko, Santa Cruz, CA
  • David Silver, Bay Area
  • Don Friend, Pac NW
  • Don Seck and Mike Puchreiter, San Francisco Peninsula
  • Doug Martin, Campbell, CA
  • Emanuelle, PhotoCamera, Bakersfield, CA
  • Empire Photographic Brokers, Vancouver, WA
  • Francis Lombardi, Oregon
  • George McGreer, Pacific Northwest
  • George Verlaine, Bay Area
  • Gracefully Aged Antiques, Jim Beral, Vallejo, CA
  • Jeff Martz, San Anselmo, CA
  • Joe Mori, San Francisco, CA
  • John Chu, Petaluma, CA
  • KEH, John Izumi, Los Angeles, CA
  • Lane Ho, Castro Valley, CA
  • Michi, Japan
  • Pacific Rim Camera, Salem, OR
  • PhotoCentral, Geir and Kate, Hayward, CA
  • Ralph London, Oregon
  • Seawood Photo, San Rafael, CA
  • Gary Sivertsen, Tuscon, AZ
  • Steve Johnsen, Los Banos, CA
  • Sydney Ju, San Leandro, CA
  • Sto-Fen Products, Ernie Fenn, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Ted Rosenbaum, Oregon
  • Tim Rice, filterfind, Berkeley, CA
  • Tom Duncan, Grass Valley, CA