Newark Layout & Vendors

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Confirmed vendors will appear in a list below. Some vendors may not confirm until the last few weeks leading up to the show. This show always fills up within the last two weeks, photofair-hannah1-1however. Vendor locations are subject to change and are NOT official until the morning of the show. Generally most of our vendors end up in roughly the same space for each show. The table assignments may be shown below but are not final until the week of the show. Look for posts on the blog page to hear about vendors and specials for the show! Layout is subject to change to suit vendors with unusual table layouts or booth requirements.


Vendors for the Spring Show, May 5th, 2018 (in alphabetical order)

  • PhotoFair Admin (23b)
  • Bryan Asmar, Southern California (16-18) (Confirmed)
  • California Camera CO, Casey, East Bay (Confirmed)
  • John Chu, Petaluma, CA (30) (Confirmed)
  • Cobra Crane, Dana, Los Angeles Area (Confirmed)
  • Don and Mike, San Francisco Peninsula (31) (Confirmed)
  • Tom Duncan, Grass Valley, CA (Tentative)
  • Emanuele, Photo Camera, Inc. professional buyer from Bakersfield, CA (24) (Confirmed)
  • Empire Photographic Brokers, Vancouver, WA (23a) (Confirmed)
  • ePhoto, studio lighting and more, Hayward, CA (Tentative)
  •, Tim Rice, Berkeley, CA (Confirmed)
  • Flack’s Camera, Gualala, CA (Confirmed)
  • Jim Gibson, Reno NV (Confirmed)
  • Gracefully Aged Antiques, Vallejo, CA (Confirmed)
  • International Supply, George, Santa Fe Springs, CA (Confirmed)
  • KEH, John, Los Angeles, CA (Tentative)
  • Steve Johnsen, Los Banos, CA (Tentative)
  • Sydney Ju, San Francisco, CA (25) (Tentative)
  • Lane Ho, Castro Valley, CA (Confirmed)
  • Marshall Lapp, Oakland, CA (Tentative)
  • Bill Lemon, Demonstration, 12:30 PM Workshops & Books, Novato, CA (Stage)
  • Max and Kay, Santa Cruz, CA (Confirmed)
  • Michi, Japan (1) (Confirmed)
  • Jeff Martz, San Anselmo, CA : Special Presentation at 10:30 AM on the Stage
  • Steve Molitor SJM Photo, Southern Cal (Confirmed)
  • Joe Mori, San Francisco, CA (Confirmed)
  • Myrick Photo, Monterey, CA (Tentative)
  • Newark Pavillion Food Service 11am-1pm
  • David Petersen, Berkeley, CA (Tentative)
  • Photo Central, Hayward, CA (Confirmed)
  • William Rickman, CA (Confirmed)
  • Seawood Photo, San Rafael, CA (19-23) (Confirmed)
  • David Silver, San Francisco, CA (52,53,54,64,65) (Tentative)
  • Sto-Fen Products, California (Tentative)
  • Clarence Towers, San Francisco, CA (Tentative)
  • George Verlaine, East Bay, CA (Confirmed)
  • Raymond Warren, Bay Area, CA (Confirmed)