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The Leica Summarit 50/1.5 A Fast Classic!

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I Found This at PhotoFair!

Spiratone Bellows is really a View Camera!

A few years ago at the PhotoFair I bought a Spiratone T-Mount Bellows system that had a simple 150/4.5 view camera lens attached and is able to use T-mount adapters for most cameras. What really intrigued me with this item was the amazing build quality and the full suite of monorail view camera movements. Seriously this thing is a Sinar miniaturized to work with small format. I really haven’t played with it much in fact it is a bit dusty, but I pulled it out recently and fiddled about for a while.

This particular unit is equipped with a standard T-ring in the back and a T-ring adapter for M42 universal lenses up front. The Spiratone lens is a 150/4.5 that is mediocre and appears to be uncoated. The Bellows, uh, er, I mean camera is well made with solid lock down and smooth controls for movements.

The 150mm lens has decent coverage for 35mm/full frame but the movements can rather easily find the edge of the image circle. Using an APS/C camera like my EOS M5 adds substantial range of movements if you really want to tweak the bejezus out of it 😉 I used my EOS M5 with the Metabones speed booster so I was getting closer to 35mm/full frame coverage. I needed the extra working room as 150mm is a bit long for my small “man cave” / office space.

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Portland Show is Cancelled

The Covid 19 pandemic has claimed another show. We wish all of our guests and vendors wellness during this health crisis. Unfortunately we cannot hold the Portland Show this year as the Oregon Governor has restrictions on events to help slow the spread of the Corona virus. The next scheduled show in Portland is September 18th, 2021.

As of now the next show is still tentatively planned for November 7th at the Newark Pavilion in Newark, CA. The show remains tentative due to the current trends in California on the spread of the virus. It is probably likely the November show will be cancelled as well, but we hold out hope that this pandemic will pass soon and perhaps soon enough to hold the next show in November of this year 🙂 Be well.