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Kodak Signet 35

I wrote up a mini review of the classic Kodak Signet 35. I love those cameras and that 44/3.5 Ektar is a great lens! Check it out…

Great Show!

Thanks all for a great show! Nearly 300 people through the door. Special thanks to all the vendors many of whom travel hundreds and a few thousands of mile to exhibit at PhotoFair, you guys make the shows great for our guests! Next show is May 5th at Newark Paviliion.

Jeff Martz : A History of Photography

Jeff Martz, on stage at 10:30 am 3/10/2018

A History of Photography Lecture Series

You are invited to join photographer and art historian Jeffrey Martz for a tour through the history of photography. In this series we will explore the origins, the pioneers, the journeys, the documents, and the art of a medium that revolutionized human communication. Using the best possible reproductions we will see the technologies, practitioners, and key works that made photography central to the story of the world. The series is intended for both the newcomer to this history and the curious expert looking to contribute to the discussion. See you there!

Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre Still Life 1837, Daguerreotype, 16.5 x 21.5cm.

Part 1: The Origins of Photography
In part 1 of the series Jeffrey Martz will introduce the figures that created photography. From tinker-aristocrats like William Henry Fox Talbot to Parisian-entertainer Louis Daguerre; photography was developed to solve a very particular and age-old problem. This “mirror with a memory” and “pencil of nature” revolutionizes the world. Learn the how and why in a forum with high definition reproductions and open conversation.