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Latest from Couv Camera

Check out this post about the 7Artisans 50mm F/0.95 lens for APS-C cameras. You may remember that 7Artisans was at the show in Portland back in September and they gave away four different lenses as door prizes. I was impressed with the lenses so I order one for myself.

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Russian Portrait Lenses

Super classic lenses from Zeiss were often copied by Russian lens makers in the Soviet era. These lenses typically failed to produced the exceptional results found in their Zeiss counterparts. However, these lenses can produce good images on today’s modern digital cameras with a little help in post.

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Telescopes? Sure!

Orion 6″ f4 astrograph shown below, an Orion eyepiece kit and a Tele-Optic Alt/Az mount. 

Tom Duncan is a long time vendor here at the PhotoFair and he is also a telescope enthusiast as well as photography. He is bring lot’s of photo gear and some cool telescopes and gear as well. Tom is really sharp on the astronomy stuff so bring you’re questions and pickup a cool scope while you are here on Saturday!

Shutterbug Camera Shop in Santa Rosa, CA is coming as well. This is a large camera shop with a huge 9000 plus square foot showroom. They will have an assortment of cool items and perhaps you can learn about their offerings at the location up in the wine country!

Don’t forget to arrive early as Jeff Martz will being presenting on his Master’s of Photography series at 10:30am on the stage. Jeff has been well received over the years for lively and interesting, interactive conversation about significant figures in Photo History. Don’t miss it!