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3 weeks to go!

Come see Bryan from SoCal with all the delicious top grade gear. I also confirmed George is coming from Southern Cal with boat loads of discounted and damaged box film, paper, batteries and more! We have confirmed a couple a dozen more vendors and it is looking like the hall will be STUFFED full of deals on November 18th! Doors open at 10AM, see you there!

Jeff Martz will Return Next Month to PhotoFair!

Once again PhotoFair is pleased to present Jeff Martz and his very well received series on the “Masters of Photography.” Jeff will be presenting his third Master of Photography with “Harry Callahan” as the next subject in the Masters series.

Harry Callahan

Private, self-taught, & committed to the amateur spirit, Harry Callahan is a central figure in the practice of subjective photography in mid-century America.  His five-decade long career encompassed a wide-ranging, experimental, & restless approach that resulted in some of the most original images of the 20th century.

Please be sure to attend this amazing historical presentation from Jeff who has impressed our crowd with his knowledge and his masterful presentation skills. Jeff will be presenting shortly after Bill Lemon with an exact time to be announced shortly. Both Jeff and Bill’s presentation are included at no extra charge with admission to the show. Fall PhotoFair is November 18th!

Holy cow! We’re Full!

There are just two tables left in the giant Jackson Armory building so this show is 50% bigger than last year. Last call for tables is today as I have to have the final table plan delivered to the hall TODAY!

Those of you that just want to come and see all the cool stuff, this will be awesome. Discount tickets are available right here on the website, Early birds can get in an hour before we open to skim the best deals! Show opens to the general public Sunday Morning at 10AM.

Thank you to all the vendors some of whom are driving 20 hours to get here! Now #Portland, come show these awesome camera dealers, vendors, local camera shops and private collectors some Rose City Love on Sunday!