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Leica Dual Range Summicron: Get Closer

Mark you calendars for March 25th at Newark Pavilion for the next PhotoFair show. Check back for more info on special guests. We have almost filled the hall with vendor tables, if you are interested hurry up and reserve yours today.

Rod recently produced this video high-lighting the Leica Dual Range Summicron 50mm f/2. That is a fabulous lens and surprisingly affordable considering the legendary badge attached to it. You can find these at PhotoFair shows 🙂 Take a look!

Horseman 6x12cm

Couv Camera wrote this article on the venerable 6x12cm format roll film adapter for 4×5 cameras with graflok backs. Check it out here:

Vintage Trioplan on Modern Camera

PhotoFair released this video today about using a vintage Meyer Görlitz Trioplan view camera lens (6cmx9cm) on a modern camera by mounting it to a bellows. Rod bought the bellows unit at the Portland show in September.