Fabulous Fifties easy to find at PhotoFair!

Oh those Fabulous Fifties…
June 12, 2018 by rodsager, published on ‘Couv’ Camera

I am not sure if anyone has started a support group for people with too many 50mm lenses… I stand up and say, “Hello my name is Rod and I have more than dozen fifty millimeter lenses” The group says in unison, “Hi Rod!” And so the therapy begins. I just shoot pictures for therapy and what better way than with a whole tanker load of lenses!

Today I want to chat up the fabulous fifties and as you can already ascertain, I’m not talking about Elvis, malt shops, drive in dining, or rockin’ around the clock. I am talking about the 50mm lenses and their impact on photography. For 35mm and full frame digital this is a standard or ‘normal’ lens. Standard is probably the better name as one can ask, what really is “normal?” The theory has always been that 50mm on FF closely approximates the angle of view for human vision excluding peripheral vision. Standard seems to encompass the focal range of 45mm-58mm, the best of which depends on who you ask. The 50mm lens on full frame offers an unexaggerated perspective and sometimes that’s just perfect.

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